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Animal Hospital

St. Albans, WV

Charleston, WV

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We understand the role that your Pets play in your every day lives and that they are a member of your family. We want to make sure that they live a healthy and long life.

Our Mission

Our caring clinic

From vaccinations and regular check-ups to those necessary animal surgeries, Gateway & North Gateway Animal Hospital does it all. Let us treat your pet like family.


General Pet Care

We use state-of-the-art diagnostics, including digital radiographs, ultrasound, in-house hematology and urinalysis & more.




Julie Cole, DVM

Lynn Frye, DVM

Emily Brown, DVM

Erin Bradley, DVM

Benjamin Litwack, DVM

Melissa Rich, DVM

Meet Our Staff

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Healthy Pet     Happy Family     Happy Life

Now offering grooming appointments!

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