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The Hospitals Wouldn't Run Without Each Member of Our Team


Meet the Friendly Faces of Gateway Animal Hospital in St. Albans!

Sunny- Office Manager

Sunny is the glue that holds us all together. She started here as a receptionist in 2012 and became office manager in 2017. She has two fur babies, Roxie the cat and Georgia Belle, the terrier; as well as a significant other of 5.5 years, Eric. Sunny's favorite things about working here (besides sweet puppy breath), is seeing the staff grow into their positions and succeed as a team. She loves cooking and creating new dishes and sharing them with her friends and family. She also likes traveling, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and WVU Football! She loves seeing the accomplishments of her beautiful daughter faith who is in her 1st year of college at Glenville State.


Kristin- Receptionist at Gateway

A new addition to the team, Kristin is also a local from St. Albans. She has three lovely cats; Blaze a flame-point Himalayan, Summer, a calico and Tom, a tom cat. She loves all animals and has always wanted to be involved with kitten/cat rescue (of which we do a lot here!). The "Kitten Lady" is her hero. She really likes the people she works with and enjoys her job and the clients. She is very family involved and has a 10 yr old daughter who keeps her busy. They love doing crafts together and love all things furry!

Kelsey- Receptionist at Gateway

From the Tornado/St. Albans region, Kelsey is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. She has two dogs; Hank, a rottweiler who she refers to as her  "big baby" and DaisyMae, a lab/beagle mix who is a lil crazy! She loves animals, the people she works with and the environment here. She loves being with her furbabies, going on adventures and does makeup and hair in her spare time.

Nicole Hutzell- Vet Assistant at Gateway (and occasionally North Gateway!)

Nicole is from Linden, VA. She went to Concord University in Southern WV  and majored in Biology. She owns an English Pointer, Scout, who she will be training this Spring to trial and hunt birds. She loves working at the veterinary hospitals because her coworkers are great and she gets to see a plethora of cases due to the "walk-in" nature of the clinics. The feelings you get after helping animals get and stay healthy are rewarding! Besides animals, sports have been a passion of hers since she was little, she played volleyball and softball throughout highschool and volleyball through college.

Holly- Vet Assistant at Gateway

Holly is originally from New Castle, Delaware. She recently adopted two wonderful dogs; Gus, a long time resident of Gateway and a huge Great Dane mix, and Judas, a young gorgeous and well-mannered Great Dane. Holly likes working here because of her coworkers. She has never worked with such caring and understanding people who love animals so much. One of her favorite things about our clinic is the amount of educating that we do to help the community with caring for their animals and improving animal health.

Brooke Miles- Vet Assistant at Gateway

Brooke is another wonderful recent addition to our team. Brooke is currently in Veterinary Technician School so this job gives her a great look into what she will be doing for the rest of her life! She loves the variety in the cases on a daily basis and is very interested in large animal practice & medicine, especially goats and horses. She has a mini-farm with pygmy goats (Clover, Cyde, Checkers, Coop, Cora & Capri), a donkey name Merle, Honey the Australian Shepherd and Mittens the cat. Brooke is also from St. Albans, and some of our clients may recognize her for her years playing on the local volleyball team.

Ashli Neal- Vet Assistant & Groomer at Gateway

Ashli is from Charleston and has a whole horde of dogs and cats (Luna, Apache, Chuchetta, Scrappy, Jake, Mouse, Ollie, Pickles, Twitch, Clancy, Frannie & Tweaker), all of whom were rescued into her loving home. She likes to be behind the scenes doing anything she can to help animals in any capacity. She loves taking care of all of the "babies," and her job allows her to do that. Rescuing animals is her favorite thing & the biggest aspect of her life. She hopes to be involved in a rescue one day with enough land to take in as many as she can! Ashli enjoys behavioral medicine and assists with our puppy socialization classes.

Courtney- Receptionist/ Vet Assistant at Gateway

Another of our friendly faces, Courtney is from Lincoln County and is a gem who can do just about anything in the hospital. Her fur babies include: Bobby Kathleen, Cadet, Lil Chit, Gus, Fonzworth Fluffy Kat, and Sage (who is a tortoise!). She likes seeing and interacting with everyone's wonderful fur babies! She lives on a farm with goats and horses. Her favorite animals are cows and turtles!

Skyler- Vet Assistant at Gateway

From Rainelle, WV, Skyler has Zeus & Kaine, two German Shepherd dogs. She likes working here because her coworkers are like her family. She likes learning new things and working with all the animals. Skyler is currently a student at Univeristy of Charleston studying Radiologic Science and hopes to be a Radiologist in the near future. Outside of work, Skyler likes to hunt, fish, hike, camp and do just about anything outdoors!

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Summer Fellhauer- Receptionist at North Gateway

Also from St. Albans, Summer has a 4 year old American Bulldog named Mozzy who is the best snuggler ever. She loves being around other people who adore and love their fur babies as much as she does her own. She loves helping animals in need (of anything!) and finds it very heart-warming to work here. She loves to karaoke, go to WVU games, eat Sushi and Mexican food, commentate for her pup and play monkey in the middle with Mozzy and Cole, her boyfriend.

Mariah Rawsey- Vet Assistant (Vet Tech in training)

Mariah is also currently in training to be a registered veterinary technician through Carver Career Center. She is from Liberty, WV and has a collection of farm animals, including sheep, a donkey and 2 horses. Her small animal pets include Ellie Mae, a pitbull/mastiff mix. She is an avid member of the 4-H program in Putnam County, and is president of the Carver chapter of the national veterinary technician association, where she has even more opportunities to educate.